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Fashion in LA

Historically, fashion has not been immediately associated with Los Angeles as a world capital.  Milan, New York and London and more likely synonymous with fashion than LA. But that just might be changing as Tom Ford among others move their design-plants over.

While Ford still has a studio for men’s clothing in London, the women’s fashion has moved to LA.  These days a lot of creative individuals are coming from New York and making fashion headlines in LA. Some examples include:  Tamara Mellon (shoe designer) Eddie Borgo (jewelry designer) Nicholas Kirkwood who is spending more time there as well as Chloé designer Natacha Ramsay-Levi.

According to Accessories Designer Clare Vivier of Clare V:

“Cities have ebbs and flows. And now L.A. is having a really beautiful burgeoning moment. The Annie Hall period was a really cool time to be in L.A. And today, Los Angeles fashion hearkens back to that seventies glamour. There’s a simplicity, an earthiness and an appreciation of natural materials.” Her husband Thierry Vivier added: “I think what’s interesting about L.A. is that artists are always the first people to go into uncharted territory and it’s usually about space. L.A. has space and light – two things the design world wants.”

Other designers who have moved to the region site “more room for individuality” and the capacity to “design in [their] own little bubble” as reasons that LA is up-and-coming in the design industry.


Los Angeles’ Summer Calendar

poolThere are some great things to do throughout LA over the summer.  Here are a few attracting popularity.

For example, you don’t need to go far if you want a mini-Vegas-like break.  You can get it right in LA thanks to the Standard Downtown.  As soon as you arrive at the lobby you feel like you’re many miles away at the Strip, with its swinger-style tone.  When you get up to the room you’ll enjoy “platform beds, tubs for two and peek-a-boo showers.”  Also featuring, DJs, vibrating waterbeds and incredible views, the rooftop pool bar makes you feel like you’ve just had a slice of heaven!

For those who want to rough it a little and truly enjoy LA’s outdoors, thanks to the region’s beachy coastline, desert landscape and spectacular mountains, there are some great southern Californian locations not to be missed this summer. Some examples include: Refugio State Beach, San Mateo Camp Ground (San Onofre State Beach) as well as the Leo Carillo State Park.

And of course not to be missed is Echo Park Lake which has recently completed a 2-year long renovation.  Now viewed as a really family-friendly destination, people are truly enjoying its Downtown skyline backdrop featured among the lotus flower bloom and fountains.  Walk the track, steer a pedal boat and visit the boathouse and Lady of the Lake statue.

With its near-to-perfect summer climate, LA has something to offer everyone throughout the summer.


The Business of LA Shopping

shoppingBroadway is about to be flooded by mainstream clothing brands as well as nice fashion lines in The Broadway Trade Center that plans to fill around 200,000 sq ft. with such retailers. What is happening therefore is a hub is developing for retailers. Rumors abound that various big name brands are looking for space such as: H&M, Nike Inc., Adidas America Inc., Guess Inc. as well as Danish, German and South Korean retailers with French and Japanese companies looking into storefronts. What makes the Center interesting is that it will be next to boutiques like Banker and Acne Studios and clothier outposts like Gap Inc., and Ross Stores.
The question is though, will enough foot traffic be attracted to it? According to VC of RKF, a New York real estate brokerage, those that can afford to take the risk and wait it out will be doing themselves a favor since right now rents are really low on Broadway compared to fashion haunts like Beverly Hills and Venice.
Meanwhile, over at Downtown Macy’s Plaza a major renovation is in the works. It is becoming an open-air mall and is undergoing some rebranding, becoming known as The Bloc. This is to do with the fact that it comprises one city block at 7th and Flower. It has an outdoor courtyard with colorful furniture and planters around restaurants and stores. While some of the stores have yet to open, the Art Deco-y Sheraton Grand Los Angeles is with its District on the Bloc – an eatery on the plaza level. Future plans for the Bloc’s renovation (that cost $160 million) is a corridor to link it to the Seventh Street Metro station. There are also renovations going on at the Beverly Center at a cost of $500 million, which will include natural lighting and an enhanced pedestrian experience.
With all this mall renovation in Downtown LA there is bound to be an increase in employment opportunities as well.

Fashion Business in LA

la-fashion‘Fashion,’ is a term that is synonymous with Los Angeles. Being the metropolitan city it is, sophisticated fashion plays a huge role. But LA and fashion have their own uniqueness – perhaps to be described as outrageous sophistication.

Social media is a main tool used for LA fashion marketing. And when it comes to 3D printing, the region comes only slightly behind the Number 1 spot held by New York. There is a chance it could soon overtake New York as well. While LA has a reputation for holding the key to technology, globally, the city also is a huge red carpet and camera lover. In conclusion, according to CIT Commercial Services President Marc Heller, “Taken together, the savvy use of social media, a state-of-the-art manufacturing platform and a well-developed import and export infrastructure position the Los Angeles region as a leading global fashion epicenter. Both established and emerging retail and fashion companies would benefit from working with a financial institution that has deep experience in lending to this sector and that understands the challenges and opportunities it faces.”

Furthermore, the strength of the fashion industry plays a huge role in LA’s economy. According to a recent report from the Joint Economic Committee of Congress, “by far the two largest fashion hubs in the United States are New York City and Los Angeles.” This translates into jobs and thus economic wealth. For example, it was found by a report assembled by the Otis College of Art and Design, that between 2009 and 2014, the second industry to provide the most jobs was fashion.

Fashion in LA therefore, seems to be one way forward for a burgeoning economy.