LA Hosting 2028 Olympics

An agreement has been reached between leaders of the International Olympic Committee and LA officials that LA will host the games in 2028.  The first time Southern California hosted the games was 1932 and the next time was 1984.   The last time America hosted the games was in 2002 (in Salt Lake City).

LA is a good choice since it already has facilities good for Olympic-class sports.  Some are suggesting that this should actually become a permanent home for the Olympics.  The infrastructure is so good and not easy to build in other cities for just a one-time event.  Game preparation requires major investments vis-à-vis pedestrian paths and mass transit.

LA already has an amazingly thriving professional and collegiate sports scene, a prosperous entertainment industry and more.

Unfortunately though – for political reasons in particular – it is extremely unlikely the international community will accept this solution. There would be much criticism on having an only-American venue as the permanent home for the Olympics.  But from a business, practical standpoint, it happens to make a lot of sense.

For now though LA is hosting the Olympics in 11 years’ time!