Los Angeles Business News

What is happening in the business development word in Los Angeles?  According to a recent Forbes article there have been a slew of entrepreneurs have enjoyed success and growth in their LA businesses and thus recommend others follow suit. Here we look at both Auticon and Williams Corsi.

Auticon is a top technology employer for professionals who are on the autistic spectrum.  Having won many awards for its work, it recently purchased MindSpark Inc., which will result in the “leverage[ing of] unique strengths of each company, offering services such as business analytics, artificial intelligence, software development and migration, as well as quality assurance and testing.”

Mindspark currently has two offices in California (in Santa Monica and Culver City) and its joining of Auticon will result in the “continue[d] expan[sion of] its portfolio of clients with major U.S. companies and will be able to serve its global customers in Europe and the U.S.”

Advertising and graphic design studio Williams Corsi & Associates is planning on moving to downtown LA in September to 12,000 square feet at Row DTLA.  The company was created in 2015. Clients include: Netflix Inc., Hallmark Channel and NBCUniversal Inc.