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Housing the Homeless

Homelessness has been a problem in Los Angeles for many years. But what’s even worse as the predictions are looking at a further 86 percent increase in the problem, in part due to COVID-19. According to the Economic Roundtable’s Report Locked Out: Unemployment and Homelessness in the COVID Economy,’

“Over the next four years the current Pandemic Recession is projected to cause chronic homelessness to increase 49 percent in the United States, 68 percent in California and 86 percent in Los Angeles County. Homelessness among working-age adults caused by the current recession is projected to peak in 2023, adding 603,000 working-age adults to those already without a place of their own to sleep in the United States. California is projected to be home to 131,400 of those additional homeless adults, with 52,300 in Los Angeles.”

One possible solution is the creation of prefabricated homes in an area of North Hollywood that has all but been neglected.  It’s now been given a fun makeover and has resulted in the creation of 39 tiny units.  Known as Chandler Boulevard Bridge Home Village these tiny homes are much more economical, environmental and faster to build than regular homes.  These are being hailed as a possible solution to the problem nationwide, but especially in LA.   

While they are small (only 64 square feet and are adequate for at most, two adults), this is still way better than being on the street.  It took only 13 weeks for Lehrer Architects – in conjunction with LA’s Bureau of Engineering – from design to building completion to be ready.  Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission will be managing the project.