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New LA Business: Munchies for your Marijuana

Now that various parts of Hollywood have received licenses to sell to recreational marijuana shoppers, MMD Cannabis Dispensary – being the first recipient – is reaping the benefits.  As MMD director, Steve Ashbel explained: “It’s significant for us because we’ll be able to serve the tourist community and continue to serve our patients that we have done in the past.”  Although the store has sold medical marijuana for more than 10 years, they are now delighted to be able to “expand their clientele in a responsible way.”

Visit the Hitman Coffee Shop and Alchemy Lounge if you would like to legally light up in a public place.  Again, thanks to receiving West Hollywood City Council’s licensing approval, this is now possible.

When it comes to eateries there are some new business adventures in the area too.  If you are the kind of person that associates pizza with munchies, check out newly established nationwide chain Marco’s Pizza or neighborhood espresso bar and pizzeria, Dough & Joe. Featuring unique options such a Chicken Florentine or Deluxe Uno, it’s unlikely you’ll leave with the munchies.

And to engineer a combination of these two – the food and the weed – check out Mark Leibel’s Cannabis Supper Club or Chris Yang’s Pop Cultivate.