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Facilitating Local Small Businesses

There are many ways to facilitate small businesses, especially in one’s locality.  Small businesses have often struggled to receive assistance but this has been heightened during the coronavirus crisis.

Earlier this month a discussion was held between various officials on what resources the small businesses can access from various federal, local and state programs.  A webinar – CD12 Business Resiliency – was hosted by John Lee, LA City Councilor and attended by: Kathryn Barger (L.A. County Supervisor), Fernando Nieto (Los Angeles County Office of Small Business program manager), Brad Sherman (U.S. Rep.) and Suzette Martinez Valladares (Assembly member) among others. One option that was explored was the benefits small business owners can get from the county’s Small Business Concierge program which was created with the goal of helping new entrepreneurs with the first crucial steps in their business development.  

In addition there is the  Procurement Technical Assistance Centers (PTAC) which offers personalized technical assistance, is a great resource of information, helps business owners with the bureaucracy of government contacts and can even give training to small businesses in the area.

Included in this plan is the recent signing by the Mayor of a $11.2 billion spending plan for the July 1 budget. Included in this budget is: $2.5- million for the LA Optimized Program (facilitating the digitization of local businesses);  to help businesses get digitized; $25 million for the Comeback program (offering up to $5,000 in grants to pay off debt, purchase new equipment and help with salaries); $5 million for the tourism and hospitality industries (following the huge damage that occurred in these sectors in the coronavirus pandemic) and $1.3 million for street vendors (facilitating their navigation of local bureaucracy as well as the provision of modernized carts so they can be legal and receive permits).