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LA’s Accounting Firms: Some Data

accountingThere are many accounting firms in Los Angeles that are extremely successful and have a whole slew of clients. But as technology advances, these firms have to respond. A recent launch of a law firm in the region did just that: Leverage – a cloud accounting company began operations last month which is only going to be beneficial to clients. According to CEO and founder of the firm, Michelle Richardson, cloud accounting provides “an opportunity to make the power and expertise of full accounting departments accessible to everyone…[enabling the firm to offer professionals, startups and small businesses possibilities and a level of service that was previously only available to much larger companies.”

Who else is working well as an accountant in the area? Earlier this year, the Los Angeles Business Journal’s Los Angeles County’s Top Accounting Firm ranked Prager Metis as Number 58 on its list.

In addition, in a recent article, AdvisoryHQ’s put out its List of the Best Accounting Firms in Los Angeles, California

  • Armanino, LLP (California’s largest independent accounting and business consulting firm; their tax strategies are tailored to a variety of high-net-worth individuals, businesses, and non-profits, whether on a regional or global scale )
  • Barlevi & Co. (the firmoffers clients comprehensive tax and financial planning services helping them remain financially viable well into the future; the firm’s tax team uses hands-on approach that looks at the situation from every angle)
  • BDO United States, LLP (provides clients with advisory services, assurance and audit services, and consulting on various levels. Being one of the world’s largest accounting networks it specializes in risk, transaction, and executive services to clients who are navigating the challenges of a professionally managed, disciplined business)
  • Cohn Reznick, LLP (using an international approach for their 300+ partners and 2700 employees, the firm is constantly on the look out for the latest cutting-edge, innovative solutions for both everyday situations and unlikely events; always thinking ahead and features experts on all types of taxation issues).
  • Grant Thornton, LLP (boasting a revenue of $1.45+ billion, it has been featured in Crain’s Best Place to Work, Vault’s Best Accounting Firm for Work for 2011-2015 and Accounting Top 50 2011-2015, and Working Mother’s Best companies 2006-2015. As well it offers custom-tailed services in a variety of specialist industries).
  • Green Hasson Janks, LLP (established 6 decades ago the firm is one of the oldest independently-owned and operated of its kind in the area. It understands the need for international collaboration given the increased involvement with the global economy).
  • Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt (HCVT), LLP (with its technologically advanced structure, the firm is able to offer clients specific market niche focus with more value and highly accurate insight when mitigating a specific challenge related to taxation, daily practices, regulations, and more)
  • Moss Adams, LLP is an internationally-acclaimed industry-focused leader in tax, accounting, and consulting services building its foundation of highly motivating core values including integrity, lifetime learning and leading by example. It was established in 2008 to offer women, who tend to go underrepresented in many fields, the opportunity to learn new skills, build strong careers, and contribute to their own overall success).
  • NSBN, LLP (a full-scale CPA firm offering a large variety of services including tax, bookkeeping, financial consulting, business management, IT, etc., removing the pressure from the client with its strategies that help reduce your tax burden, keep accurate records, stay ahead of your finances, and produce smoother operations with less effort).
  • SingerLewak, LLP (focuses on: Audits of employee benefit plans, Financial statement audits, Financial statement reviews, Audits of internal control and Financial statement compilations
  • Windes, Inc. (has become successful in the nearly century of its existence due to its client culture, customer-centric service, and innovative, industry-leading approach to meeting clients’ financial goals. Strong focus on quality assurance).