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Helping Out in Times of the COVID-19 Crisis

We are seeing good things from a lot of people and Eric Garcetti is working hard in the COVID-19 crisis in an attempt to help locals get through financially.  There is now a Mayor’s Fund which is offering support for those many families affected, especially in the realms of childcare, food, etc. 

Also worth taking a look at is the alliance – Philanthropy California – of over 600 foundations, charitable entities, philanthropists etc. helping during this time. 

And let’s  not forget José Andrés a chef at World Central Kitchen which is often at the forefront of feeding those in need.  Individually packaged fresh meals are being carefully prepared withing the Health Ministry’s guidelines around various areas including Los Angeles.

For those to scared to leave the house, volunteers are offering to pick up essentials, especially for seniors and those at greater risk.  Organizations that provide this include: Chef for Seniors, The Rotary Club and Recreation & Parks Department Senior Outreach Program, CalFresh Restaurant Meal Programs and Meals on Wheels