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LA Female Entrepreneurs

In LA – as in many other places – while women are definitely finding it easier to be successful in the business world, they still face challenges.  However, in the marijuana industry in LA today, women are really up there, comprising a large number of producers and manufacturers.  The most common part of the industry for the women is testing labs and other cannabis-related endeavors.

And last month, on July 22, the Cannabis Business Women’s Empowerment Summit was held, with participants nationwide, geared toward a mentoring of veterans to newbies in the industry.  Speakers included: CEO and President of Oregon’s HiFi Farms, Sara Batterby, The Cannabis Marketing Lab founder Celeste Miranda and Clark Neubert’s Law Firm, Ariel Clark specializing in the cannabis business.

Topics discussed at the summit related to a wider spectrum of issues women face as women, in the business world, and how best to negotiate and be assertive in what is still somewhat a male-dominated environment.

Despite this good news, LA unfortunately did not make the Business Insider list of Fastest Growing Women-Owned Businesses, so while this one industry is thriving, there is much work to be done.