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LA Businesses: What’s New?

There have been some new developments worth noting in Los Angeles recently.  Here we take a look at three: a second hand clothing store, a pizza and sandwich store and a timely renovation to an existing coffee shop.

A couple of weeks ago a new second hand store opened up in Sherman Oaks, LA County.  A GEO Holdings subsidiary, 2nd STREET USA, Inc. opened its doors at 14548 Ventura Boulevard on February 15th.  The store – the fifth of its kind throughout California – both buys and sells second-hand clothes and accessories and will have approximately 15,000 items – many designer such as Burberry, Chanel, Gucci and more – in stock.

The family owned pizza-sandwich store has just opened at 2223 S. Pacific Avenue.  The Porthole Deli and Pizza will be selling pizza, salads and sandwiches using freshly-made bread baked daily in-house. Prices are right too; you can get a pasta salad, potato salad or chips for just one dollar!  In a short time it has already developed a great reputation for its amazing deli.

Over at 6101 Wilshire Boulevard get ready for a new opening.  A couple of weeks ago Johnie’s Coffee Shop Restaurant was re-opened with a new name Bernie’s Coffee Shop. On its first day – February 19 – it hosted a Nevada Democratic Party Debate watch party followed by speeches, poetry and musical performances.  In addition, food and drinks with a Sanders theme were offered such as Break Up the Banks Burgers; Health Care for All Hash Browns and Coke No Koch!