Technological Advancements in California

Mozes Konig has long been a believer in the potential Los Angeles has to offer tech companies.  “Many states are prime places for technological developments,” Konig said.  Mozes Konig is a businessman who has been making investments into technological sectors for some years. Having had a few problems with Interpol (which are now thankfully behind him), he is going full force into this niche.

He has seen a lot of developments in the Los Angeles and greater California area in the last few years and believes it is conducive to facilitating technological developments.  Technology is even being used to facilitate driving in the area – something that has put people off moving to the sunshine state in the past. “It’s true that there still are some kinks to iron out, but overall the technology is advancing fast and it looks hopeful that the driving pressure will soon be relieved in LA,” Mozes Konig said.

This is just one of the ways that advancing technology is helping Angelenos live a higher quality of life, and one of the reasons that Mozes Konig loves investing in this market.