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Business Transactions

transactionNavinet. Inc. was just purchased by NantWorks. Nantworks is a “health care technology holding company,” and this purchase – according to CEO Patrick Soon-Shiong – is the culmination of the firm’s “10-year vision at NantWorks and NantHealth to integrate and coordinate [its] complex health care ecosystem from the knowledge domain, to the care delivery domain and now to the payer domain, as a single sign-on, seamless, cloud-based, secure adaptive learning system for patients, payers, and providers.”

The transaction of the sale of Unify – purchased by the Gores Group – was just completed too. This is “the number three world leader of integrated communication solutions.” Unify offers “end-to-end communications software and services enhancing social collaboration, digital transformation, and business performance, through vertical specialized solutions.”

A new partnership was reached between BehavioSec and TeleSign. It is hoped that this cooperative “will bring additional capabilities to TeleSign’s mobile identity solutions for securing end-user accounts, preventing fraud and delivering continuous user verification and assurance.”