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Sherman Oaks Residents: Get With the (Tax) Program!

That is, if you want to save $$$ that is rightly yours!  There are many LA homeowners who are not getting tax exemptions because they are not applying. And this is resulting in – for about 400,000 homeowners – an approximate loss of $70 per annum on property taxes.

As a result, the city council is seeking to pass on this information to taxpayers with a declaration of January being ‘Homeowners’ Exemption Month’ by the Board of Supervisors.  Within a decade this $70 exemption reaches $700 which is about how much a water heater costs.

And in other money-saving/money-making tips in the area, Los Angelenos are invited to seek out the handful of fake pennies that have been scattered around since each one is worth $1,000!

As part of its bank campaign (reiterating the importance of valuing every cent and looking for opportunities to save money), 100 coins with a redemption code on the tail of each Ally Lucky Penny is to be uploaded on the website for verification purposes.  Just look out for Ally Bank’s logo in the place where Abraham Lincoln’s chest usually is and you’ve found a coin. This program is also happening in 9 other cities nationwide.