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Los Angeles River

There have been issues for a while now at the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles River.  As such, there has been a call by city officials on creating a change in how the area is monitored.  The situation is so bad that, according to co-founder of LA River Walkers and Watchers, Evelyn Aleman:

“Our community members are afraid to use the bike path, also afraid to use local businesses because the crime we are seeing is spilling into local communities affecting everyone,”

As such, Bob Blumenfield who is a member of the LA City council recently proposed a motion for a pilot program that would render one organization to be in charge of patrolling the area.  He believes that putting the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority in this position is “the perfect entity [for the job given that] they are a park agency.”  He went on to explain:

“They know about water quality, park issues and interest in creating vibrant parks and the rangers unlike most other rangers are peace officers.”

The hope is that the motion will be heard by the end of 2019 by the city council and that if approved, a few months later it will be implemented.

Japanese Culture: From LA to TA

Japanese culture is alive and well from Tel Aviv to Los Angeles.  One individual who can attest to the Tel Aviv, Israel part is Mozes Victor Konig.  Last week, he had the opportunity to enjoy Japan Day courtesy of the Tikotin Museum of Japanese Eat. 

Hosted by Tel Aviv’s Embassy of Japan, for the last 11 years this event is intended to offer families a taste of Japanese culture within a Japanese-based atmosphere.

“I found it to be a really hands-on experience of Japanese culture,” Mozes Victor Konig, Tel Aviv, Israel based photographer said.  “Getting a taste of the tradition, hearing the language and meeting Japanese people living in Tel Aviv is about as real as it gets,” he said.

“This actually gave me a taste for learning more about Japanese culture.  Next time I’m in Los Angeles – hopefully at Thanksgiving time – I would like to visit the exhibition taking place at Japan House, ‘Bakeru: Transforming Spirits.’ It is very hands-on for kids which is appealing to me as there is an interactive display whereby you put masks on which – with the aid of digital technology – turns them into Japanese folklore figures. Tales include: Shishi Odori (beast dance), Nahamage (deity frightening kids who misbehave) and more.”

Japanese-Israeli relations have been improving in the last five to ten years.  In 2015, the Japanese PM, Shinzo Abe, visited Israel; the first time in a decade a Japanese PM had ever made the trip.  The idea behind the trip was to improve relations between the two countries and this has been happening ever since.

LA: The Housing Crisis

For years Los Angeles has faced a crisis of an inordinate amount of homeless individuals.  Many solutions have been proposed and executed over the years but still the problem remains.  Here we take a look at some of the latest news on this subject.

In 2018 21,631 homeless individuals were housed.  The amount of tax dollars used on this (millions) was 23 percent more than in the year before.  Still, this accounted for a doubling of the amount of individuals housed in 2014.

The question therefore remains though, why are there still so many people living on the streets, in vehicles and shelters of LA?  In 2018 the homeless figure increased 12 percent, rendering 59,000 LA county individuals homeless.

A new proposal by the LA City Council has just been voted in which could make matters a whole lot worse.  A prohibition against sleeping in vehicles in many parts of LA is to be put in place.  The rules make it clear that individuals will not be allowed to spend the night in their cars on residential streets or make their vehicles their homes “within a block of a park, school, preschool or day care facility.”

This ruling has angered many local activists who argued at the City Hall that such a measure was “counterproductive” to the 9,500+ individuals currently making their homes in this way.

2019 LA CFA Society Portfolio Conference

In this video – produced by Oaktree Capital – CEO of the global alternative investment management firm, Jay Wintrob engages in a “fireside chat” with Jane Wells, Special Correspondent at CNBC.  Discussions took place in conjunction with this year’s Portfolio conference of the LA CFA Society, that is each year aimed at LA’s investment community and the industry at large.

3L Capital Investments

Last month an announcement was made by 3L Capital (an equity investment company) concerning the $217 million equity fund it had raised in order to continue its investments into local firms seeking growth. The firm – based in Westwood – will be putting the monies raised toward companies looking for a Series B/later investments.

Investments in the past have been made in Wheels Lab Inc. – an e-bike operator in West Holywood; The Young Turks, a Carthay LA neighborhood online talkshow and Culver City retailer SnackNation.

3L was founded roughly two years ago by Shawn Colo, former chief executive for Demand Media; Kerry Kellogg; and Dave Leyrer, founder of Boulevard Capital Management. Its previous investments include West Hollywood-based e-bike operator Wheels Labs Inc.; Carthay-based online talk show The Young Turks; and SnackNation, a Culver City-based snack retailer.

STEM Jobs: What’s New in LA

Technology hubs throughout the West Coast are in the lead nationwide with job opportunities in the STEM industry.  With an 8.2 percent increase in LA between 2014 and 2018, this makes it the city that has encountered the fastest growth in this industry.

STEM preparation is starting young in California, and in some places is focusing on women.  A new mobile STEM center has been rolled out by the Girl Scouts Heart of Central California (GSHCC) in an attempt to involve those Girl Scouts living in urban and rural areas who are not able to get to Sacramento and Modesto STEM centers. GSHCC is available to 17,500 members and over 9,000 volunteers in 18 Northern Californian counties. The idea is, according to manager of the STEM initiative Girl Scouts, Beth Peters, to “serve all the girls in our 18 counties.”

From Hollywood to the Holyland: Nighttime Light Show

Photographer Mozes Victor Konig is no stranger to nighttime light shows.  A Tel Aviv, Israeli native, it is perhaps surprising therefore that the only nighttime light show he had  experienced until now was the Nighttime Lights at Hogwarts Castle, that lightens up Universal Studios on select nights over the summer.  Statistics show however that it is usually tourists who make the most of local city attractions, rather than the locals themselves.

This year, Konig decided to make the most of summer offerings close to home and took a trip to Jerusalem to enjoy the holy city’s Spectacular Sound and Light Show.  And, as its title suggests, it was – in Konig’s own words, “spectacular.”

“Don’t get me wrong, the Universal Studios’ Hogwarts Castle was really great.  It’s just that for me – being in the capital of our country – seeing what is right at my doorstep seemed somehow that bit more spectacular.  Plus, it offers an incredible history lesson. You get to see the old city walls just light up and get used as a dramatic stage for the beautification of Jerusalem’s 4,000 year old history!  It’s not just a cool, fun gimmick; this is real.  You see archaeological remains, listen to stories of Biblical King David, the Crusaders, Muhammad and more.  As well as being “spectacular” it truly is a lesson in history without sitting at your classroom desk.”

So if you are making your way this summer from Hollywood to the Holyland, make sure you get your tickets for the Night Spectacular.   While really enjoying your evening, you will also return home with knowledge of the history of Jerusalem…without even having realized you were being educated!

City Council Funding

There have been a few approvals for councils for funding to facilitate, aid and enhance certain neighborhoods in LA.  In this article, we take a look at two of the recent ones.

Last week, a committee meeting of the Los Angeles City Council approved the framework of a policy that will administer the monies and application of the districts that are financed by the residents.  With this, community projects in needy neighborhoods will get the much-needed funds for such programs. Supervising this will be the EIFDs (Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts).

What is most welcome about the funding is that according to the office of the Chief Legislative Analyst, an increase in residents’ property taxes will not occur.  instead, a slice of the annual property tax hike will into a board (three Mayor-appointed council members; two council-appointed members of the public) governed independent fund.

In other news, Skid Row will be getting a large amount of money for extra services.  $2.7 million has been earmarked for homeless services in the area following the finding of the 16 percent increase in population there.  That money will be put toward: storage center upgrades (for homeless to store belongings), two additional teams of outreach workers, water fountains and attended restrooms.

Skid Row is the address of the most amount of homeless people in LA.  While money is directed there a lot (the city received $85 million in emergency funding from the state in 2018), the problems there run deep.

Leading US Tech Hubs have LA Addresses

Employment opportunities are growing in the west coast more than any other part of the nation in the science, tech, engineering and math (STEM) industries. According to statistics from CBRE there was a 8.2 percent increase in this industry in LA – fastest of any US metropolitan area.

Furthermore, in the 2018 fiscal year, Los Angeles County received nearly $1.1 billion in funding from the National Institutes of Health.  This is the largest amount of all California counties. As such, growth in the number of employment opportunities in laboratory services and research industry has reached 11 percent.  90,000 people have gotten jobs in the sector in 2018.

There are also many tech companies that offer amazing employee benefits in the LA region as detailed in this recent article.

Transportation Enhancements?

LA – like many large metropolitan cities – is often on the lookout for enhancements in traffic/infrastructure issues.  Here we look at some of the latest possible advancements in this area, specifically at Bird, DASH and the Metro.

A seated design has been created for users of Bird Rides Inc. Passengers now have the option of sitting, standing and bringing along a friend. Known as the Bird Cruiser this new shared e-bike will be tested in a few places later this summer. It has a padded seat, pedal-assist/peg cruising options, hydraulic brakes, a 52V battery, LCD display and custom motor to handle inclines.

As Travis VanderZanden explained:

“To further accelerate progress on our mission to make cities more livable, we are providing additional environmentally friendly micro-mobility alternatives —including Bird Cruiser. Designed and engineered in California, Bird Cruiser is an inclusive electric-powered option that is approachable, easy-to-ride and comfortable on rough roads.” 

To improve transportation matters for students in the region, Mayor Eric Garcetti recently announced his intention to offer unlimited DASH (downtown bus service) for free to community college students.  Starting in the fall as a one-year pilot program, it is hoped this will become permanent and increase student use of buses by 10 percent.  Funded by the Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP) the idea is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while enhancing transportation.

The Metro is making progress on an extension for the Purple Line.  Once completed it will mark the establishment of a four-mile subway between Beverly Hills and Koreatown. To mark the progress completed on this to date, officials gathered at LA’s La Brea Tar Pits Museum and Park to celebrate with a fun family event.