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Oxygen Coming to LA

There has been a problem with a lack of Oxygen reaching hospitals where most needed during coronavirus challenges.  Los Angeles has been hit quite hard.  But now there is some good news thanks to the Army Corps of Engineers.  According to University of Cincinnati respiratory therapist Rich Branson (who is also Respiratory Care journal editor in chief) when there are multiple weak links the supply chain such as equipment freezing due to an abundant volume of cold liquid oxygen, the system will get blocked and an “entire hospital supply” of oxygen could be shut down.

Freezing pipe issues is now being dealt with in a huge array of facilities and hospitals.  According to a spokesman for the Army Corps of Engineers, Mike Petersen, the situation is worsening due to a huge peak in local cases.

Now, crews from the US Army Corps of Engineers are coming to update oxygen delivery systems to prevent these problems from re-occurring and enable medical entities to function with what is needed during the coronavirus pandemic.