City Council Funding

There have been a few approvals for councils for funding to facilitate, aid and enhance certain neighborhoods in LA.  In this article, we take a look at two of the recent ones.

Last week, a committee meeting of the Los Angeles City Council approved the framework of a policy that will administer the monies and application of the districts that are financed by the residents.  With this, community projects in needy neighborhoods will get the much-needed funds for such programs. Supervising this will be the EIFDs (Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts).

What is most welcome about the funding is that according to the office of the Chief Legislative Analyst, an increase in residents’ property taxes will not occur.  instead, a slice of the annual property tax hike will into a board (three Mayor-appointed council members; two council-appointed members of the public) governed independent fund.

In other news, Skid Row will be getting a large amount of money for extra services.  $2.7 million has been earmarked for homeless services in the area following the finding of the 16 percent increase in population there.  That money will be put toward: storage center upgrades (for homeless to store belongings), two additional teams of outreach workers, water fountains and attended restrooms.

Skid Row is the address of the most amount of homeless people in LA.  While money is directed there a lot (the city received $85 million in emergency funding from the state in 2018), the problems there run deep.