LA Infrastructure Advancements

A proposal was recently revealed by city planners that would advance infrastructure development in Hollywood. What made this newsworthy was that it came more than three years after a plan indicating faulty growth assumptions was thrown out by a judge.

This plan is more focused on keeping single-family homes in neighborhoods while keeping tools for historic preservation such as overlay zones, height limits for buildings (that are near historic preservation zones) and more.  As Mitch O’Farrell, Hollywood Councilman explained:

“The update to the Hollywood Community Plan will create the necessary tools to preserve our historic structures, promote transit-oriented and pedestrian-friendly development, encourage production of affordable housing, and provide the ability to re-imagine and re-purpose our surface parking lots to make Hollywood more livable and more walkable.  I encourage my constituents to participate in the public process and provide input that will help create a plan that benefits every stakeholder in Hollywood.”

The real goal is to preserve the single-family homes as well as entire hillside areas. That will hopefully lead to bolstering “smart development and investment in the community.”