Living with the Pandemic

Life has to go on.  Even with the pandemic and the havoc that it is wreaking on every single aspect of our lives.  Businesses are desperately trying to adapt. That is the only way they have any possible chance of surviving.

Taqueando – the all-you-can eat taco tasting festival – has done just that.  In its first year of operation (2019) it was a regular tasting festival.  But corona hit and this year it looked like it would be impossible to happen.  But the organizers have managed to adapt and thus the festival this year has been renamed Taqueando Takeover. 

The event – lasting five weeks and created in accordance with all coronavirus guidelines – is a pop-up takeout menu.  Featuring taqueros and taqueras devised by James Beard Award winner Bill Esparza, the rotating event took place in Downtown LA at the former Church & State restaurant space.

The first event was held on 12th November and will be followed by a new event each Thursday from 5.30-11.30pm.