Los Amazon?

Various cities are hoping Amazon will pick them to be its second quarters.  Los Angeles is one of them.  This of course would be excellent for business, generating a huge economic boost.

Los Angeles would perhaps appreciate winning the bid even more than other cities, or at least, at this time understand the implications of such a move, given the recent mass exodus of corporate headquarters over the last 20 years or so.  Excessive business taxes and housing costs have made it more of a challenge for individuals and customers to thrive in the area.

The Mayor of LA is particular supportive of the move saying that he “welcome[s] the opportunity to compete for this remarkable investment, and the tens of thousands of good-paying jobs it is sure to bring with it. L.A. is the perfect place for a company like Amazon to find talented workers, and an environment that nurtures growth and innovation.”

But LA is going to have to prove itself.  Amazon is anticipating many perks from the city that wins the bid.  The proposal request mentions state and local incentives, tax credits, utility incentives, and more.