Representing Women in LA

Los Angeles has been – and continues to be – criticized for its lack of representation of women in various industries.  Indeed, just yesterday an article came out in The LA Times entitled UCLA diversity report finds women and minorities still underrepresented in film and TV.

Despite this finding, we are simultaneously seeing these groups thrive in the region.  One example was seen in Top Chef’s Season 16 whereby four of the five spots in the final competition were held by women.  And that shouldn’t really be a surprise since over the last few years, LA has become home to many of Top Chef female contestants who have substantially contributed to the region’s culinary scene.  Examples include Brooke Williamson, Betty Fraser and Kuniko Yagi of Pikunico.

Meanwhile over in Hollywood it’s not all doom and gloom.  Thanks to the show Queer Eye, women will be recognized with a special Circle of Empowerment video clip as a tribute to International Women’s Day.  In this clip, Karamo Brown introduces Jody to a group of diverse women who “want to share how they view themselves and how they show themselves love.”