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Networking…in the Time of COVID-19

Even though we are living in social distancing times, we must still somehow “live” and that means work, create, do business and network.  But we have to do it safely. Here are some local entities that are doing just that.

One example is the upcoming Q&A discussion put out by JAPAN HOUSE LA.  On July 17, the a discussion will take place on line entitled “How Japanese-Style Business Culture Applies to Today’s New ‘Business Normal.’” Starting at 10am, the discussion will be moderated by Mark Frauenfelder, the Director of the Institute for the Future Research.  Insights will be offered on Japanese culture within the business communications industry and what we need to understand about Japanese culture and etiquette practices to succeed.

According to Yuko Kaifu, President of JAPAN HOUSE LA:

“The pandemic has changed the way people conduct business. Even as cities open up, there is a new ‘business normal’ whether you’re working from home or back in the office. While most professional seminars focus on general techniques and best practices, this discussion aims to create awareness for Japanese culture through proven business practices, allowing attendees to see how these might benefit their business.”  

Another plan of sorts – necessary during these times – is the COVID-19 Reimbursement Program.  In order to offer compensation to businesses that are offering coronavirus testing to their employees, any company that has less than 200 workers will be eligible for grants offered by enacting this testing.  $300,000 has been put in the pot for the program and the monies will be distributed on a first-come first-serve basis with up to one grant for each company up to $15,000.