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LA: Great Startup Location

According to recent findings from the Economic Innovation Group (EIG), Los Angeles (along with Dallas, Houston, New York and Miami) are where 50% of all new business start-ups exist nationwide.

However, given this finding, it is greatly surprising that so few Americans are willing to relocate.  If these cities have such great potential, why are more people not heading toward them in search of a good job?

Another strange phenomenon is that the leading region – Orange County which is actually at the top of the list – has such a high standard of living.

Indeed, the numbers speak for themselves.  According to the EIG from 2010 to 2014, the largest number of any metropolitan region in America was Los Angeles-Long Beach-Anaheim which generated a yearly average of 21,870 business startups.

According to one founding EIG member (who is also a co-founder of Aspiration.com), Joe Sanberg: “Los Angeles has one of the strongest dynamism rates in the nation as more startups are forming than businesses are closing.”  And in other areas, this has not been the case at all with long-term “uneven recovery” causing a smaller amount of Americans to witness economic growth come back to their communities.