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Quality Living in Los Angeles

There is often negative speak about living in LA, relating to driving matters, environmental issues or just plain expense. In this article we look to some of the (very many) positive reasons life in LA is not only good but often getting better.

First, a recent report produced by the California Association of Realtors found that “housing affordability continues to trend much lower in Los Angeles and Orange counties than in San Bernardino County,” with almost 30 percent of households in the region having the ability to purchase its median-priced home of $485,800 in Q117 (an increase of 28 percent from Q416).

Second, green living is getting easier.  There are a few examples of that.  Each Saturday night, the sanitation department of LA is hosting free workshops on backyard composting, smart gardening, worm composting, and grasscycling.  As well, for cyclists, there are a few ways to bike around the city thanks to Metro Bike and the Social Bicycles app which work in the area.  And then LA residents can apply for free trees for their yards/businesses etc., adding to the landscape’s greenery.

Third, education is getting a boost in the state as well. Last week, the professional networking and education initiative, Destination California took place for three days at the LA Hotel Downtown.  Presenting participants with an opportunity to network with CVBs, DMCs and top hotels, the Northstar Meetings Group-hosted event was attended by around 60 meeting planner professionals and 75+ industry suppliers.  Attendees were also invited to take part in CMP-accredited educational sessions.