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LA Firm’s Technology Tackling Toxins

LA based Addvantage USA Ltd will begin its task of reducing the 16 million metric tons of Nitrous Oxide produced each year by America’s  transportation industry. It has the technology to, according to CEO and co-founder, Daniel Mitchell, reduce up to 17.6 percent of diesel used by US haulage firms as well as decreasing NOx emissions by 83 percent.

And the technology is easy to implement as well.  It takes only four hours to retrofit into vehicles; a project that has undergone development and testing for a decade.  According to Mitchell:

“Achieving the investment as quickly as we have is very encouraging. With ever tighter margins and diesel representing around 40% of a fleet’s overall costs, we are confident that this proven, patented technology provides compelling economic and environmental arguments for US fleets.”

LA is no stranger to this kind of work.  Earlier this week on Earth Day (22nd April) the LA Port marked its own environmental success, revealing the newest clean heavy-duty trucks.  Produced by Kenworth and Toyota, in conjunction with the of Los Angeles celebrated on Monday with its own unique flair, unveiling the Port of Los Angeles and the California Air Resources Board, 10 of these zero-emission fuel cell electric trucks will be used this year to transfer cargo, in addition to the two already in service.