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Alto to Come to LA

Alto – a rideshare company headquartered in Texas – is opening up in Los Angeles now also.  Local commuters can now get rides with the luxurious rideshare firm.  According to co-founder and CEO of the firm, Will Coleman:

“At such a critical time, we’re thrilled to bring Alto’s elevated rideshare and delivery experience to the Los Angeles market. Knowing how many people have benefited from our consistent, high-quality and safe offerings in our initial market in Texas, we know we have a lot to offer to the LA community.”

The company is working hard to ensure that rides are given in a coronavirus environment, all safety precautions are taken.  This means that they are all vehicles and cleaned thoroughly using disinfectant.  In addition, plexiglass separates the driver and passenger sections with the use of a HEPA cabin air filter eliminating air particles.

Over in public transport there is expansion in the Metro Micro ride-sharing service.  The NextGen Bus Plan has just been rolled out from the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority, aiming to make bus trips faster, add more trips and generally enhance the reliability and accessibility of the network.

According to Eric Garcetti, who, as well as being city mayor is also chairman of the Metro Board:

“Our mission is to create a world-class transportation system for Los Angeles by giving Angelenos a wide array of convenient, reliable and affordable transportation options to get where they need to go. With NextGen and Metro Micro, we are rolling out two key projects in our pursuit of a city and region defined by greater mobility and expanded prosperity for every rider, commuter and resident.”

With the use of devices, apps, etc., planning and paying for trips from A-Z will be facilitated.