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Rick Garcia of CBS News

To be a great news anchor you need to know how to really tell a story. It’s so much more than just reading out news.  This is even more the case today when new technologies and mobile devices are storming the news reporting world.  Experts agree that journalists and reporters ultimately need to know how to really tell a story. One example of this is Rick Garcia CBS (as he’s been called).  He has been recognized for his ability to tell a story as a news anchor through Emmy awards and other channels. 

Sometimes the storyteller themselves need to have a story. “Rick Garcia CBS” was a perfect example of this with how he managed to upsurge rankings through his anchoring.  In particular, he did this  with KCAL9.

The Rick Garcia CBS experience began in 2011. This was at a time when it was found that local TV was “the most popular source for the two topics that almost everyone is interested in—weather and breaking news.” Garcia began hosting the 6pm News show at CBS and also working at KCAL9, causing their ratings to jump so high that the station’s prime time news show became the most-watched for Southern California in 2010-11. Rick Garcia’s CBS news career took place at CBS2 News at three time slots: 5, 6 and 11. 

Rick Garcia’s CBS career spanned over two decades. He was also the host for FOX Overtime at KTTV’s NFL post-game show.