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Forgotten to Shop? Try Something Different

Christmas cards are making a comeback

It might not be the most environmentally-friendly way of saying ‘Merry Christmas,’ but it seems (vintage) Christmas card giving is making a comeback.  For those who have completely forgotten to go gift shopping and are perhaps at a loss as to what to get the friend/partner who has everything just use the old “it’s lost in the mail” excuse and run out to pick up a card.

According to a recent article by Lauren Zumbach in The Chicago Tribune:

“…old-fashioned paper greeting cards, delivered via snail mail, remain a holiday staple…. the idea of taking the time to exchange tangible tokens of holiday cheer is more appealing than ever at a time when buzzing and pinging digital devices never seem to cease demanding our attention. That’s true even if finding the perfect card now involves sitting at a laptop, editing digital photos and clicking through dozens of template designs.”

The numbers speak for themselves.  Executive director of the Greeting Card Association, Peter Doherty found that every year, consumers purchase approximately 6.5 billion greeting cards and 1.6 billion cards. Plus, over the last five to six years, greeting card sales throughout the nation have remained pretty stable.

With the feel of e-cards being “too fleeting,” many are returning to the old-fashioned way to send meaningful holiday cheer.