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Insights to Building a Business in LA

There are many tips from seasoned experts on how to grow one’s company.  When referring to businesses in LA, according to a recent Forbes article,

“Developing a relationship with the local community can be key to your business’ success. It can help give you visibility and attract customers to your establishment. Taking advantage of every resource your community offers to you is also a must if you want to cement the position of your business locally.”

It makes sense.  If locals know about your business they might very well support it.  People like to support the local economy and if it’s marketed well and the product is good they generally prefer using local than going further afield.

But how do you nurture such a relationship?  According to Spencer Chambers of locally-handcrafted Honest Abe Cider, being written up in local newspapers was hugely helpful for his business.  Perhaps the success was also helped by his marketing of being a locally handcrafted business also.

Maybe new business leaders in the area could jump on the bandwagon of the possibility of getting a second Hollywood sign in California.  Should an additional one be built (as has been suggested given the poor location of the first one for this much visited world-renowned icon) perhaps local businesses could find ways to partner with it, publicizing their products and services!  Who knows; these days in the marketing world, anything is worth a try!