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Business is Booming for LA’s Airbnb

Airbnb is big in LA and getting bigger.  In a recent pilot program, at the end of last year, the company set up its Trips platform, which moved it into the indie fashion community industry, expanding its services to facilitate and suggest local spots for travelers to visit. Trips will also ultimately add flights and other services.

So what does that mean for LA?  Coordinating with designer Jill Aiko Yee and Jordana Howard of Echo + Air with a weekend trip entitled ‘The Cutting Edge.’  The two day experience will happen next month and via this programming, there comes a whole slew of various facets in the local fashion industry.

As Yee explained:

“The main thing that Jordana and I want to do is welcome people to the fashion design process and let them know it’s really thriving and growing We just think for fashion in Los Angeles to grow, we need to put a face to it. We want to help get the word out that there’s quality happening in Los Angeles and that there’s ethical production here. Jordana and I really care about the independent design community that’s happening in Los Angeles.  We think it’s rich. We wanted to build a program around what was specific to Los Angeles, specific to local production and eco-friendly production.”

Howard and Airbnb met up at a crafting event at which Howard was asked to create a tour for the firm centered around her own personal interests and lifestyle.  With Yee she has worked on the Open Saturdays small boutique market in downtown LA among various other design events.

This move by Airbnb will likely boost LA’s position on the global fashion market since until now, most consider NY to be the venue.   As JM International Group John Marshall noted, LA does have a ton of up-and-coming designers which he believes is not just restricted to a passing phase.