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Honoring LA

How better to honor a city than with acrobats?  Dancing along to “Another Day of Sun,” on April 25th, rope-suspended acrobats danced around City Hall walls following the Mayor’s declaration of “La La Land” day. Given that the musical took home six Academy Awards (and 14 Oscar nominations) earlier this year (giving the city of LA quite a spotlight), the honor was most well deserved.  So much so that Garcetti himself got involved, accompanying a jazz ensemble on the piano with various songs from the film.

Honoring director Damien Chazelle, composer Justin Hurwitz and some of the movie producers, Garcetti explained it like this: “This film held a mirror up to our city – showing the world our passion, our creativity, our optimism, and of course, the deep-seated desire of every Angeleno to jump out of their car in traffic and to just start dancing.”  It was noted that since the movie honored the city, having the compliment paid back was most appreciated.