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Investing in the Entertainment Industry in the Wake of COVID-19

Two million dollars has been earmarked for the Beverly/Fairfax District entertainment industry. The money is being given by Television City in an attempt to “promote diversity” as well as “heal, empower and rebuild” the region’s industry.  The other half will be used for the formation of job training, career mentoring and other work-related ideas for those looking to get a kickstart in the industry.

According to CEO and founder of Hackman Capital Partners (which has an affiliate operating Television City) Michael Hackman:

 “Television City has called this community home for nearly 70 years, and it pains us to see our neighbors, community organizations and small businesses — many of which are trying to reopen their doors in the first time in over three months — suffer through these challenging times. We believe Television City can spearhead a catalytic effort among local stakeholders to provide meaningful help. This community is resilient and will come back even stronger, more vibrant and cohesive.”

In related news, just last week some local theaters – following intense rules and guidelines – were given the green light to open up following the major restrictions of the coronavirus pandemic.