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Re-Opening of Local Eateries

One by one, region by region, industry by industry, counties in the US are re-opening.  Los Angeles County now has a variety of eateries to choose from where diners can even eat in. the re-launch has not been without its challenges – especially with the riots and local curfews – and thus some restaurants  have opted to remain closed.  Still others need to work out how to re-open as they had laid off staff, have to get used to the new rules and thus are not quite yet ready.

Time will tell how successful it will be.  There is still much economic uncertainty as well as cumbersome protective clothing which could make going out to eat a less attractive option.

The other issue restaurant owners are talking about is the fear that the guidelines are not clear/strict enough for their comfort levels.  Still, even with all of this it is nice to see some kind of return to normalcy.