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Getting Ahead of the Quake: New App for Los Angeleans

Destruction of an earthquake

Residents of Los Angeles have been dealing with fear from earthquakes for years.  The damage – environmental, physical and psychological – can be shattering.  Now though thanks to a new app being designed, early warning signs will be given for an upcoming earthquake. 

ShakeAlert® is a collaborative project between US state and university partners together with the US Geological Survey (USGS).  During the testing phase the group worked in authentic environments (like hospitals, schools, and other densely populated buildings) to ensure it worked in as close to real life situations as possible.

Now, residents in LA will be able to brace themselves before an earthquake arrives working with the USGS regional sensors that can detect a 5.0 or greater earthquake.  Of this development, the region’s Mayor, Eric Garcetti said:

We often say here in Los Angeles that it’s not a question of if, it’s a question of when the next big one is going to hit. We know that we live in earthquake country.”

The app has been a work in progress – 10 years – and was made possible thanks to a $260,000 Annenberg Foundation grant received in 2017.