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Jobs and Internships Fair

Next week the largest local annual career fair will be held at UCLA. Hosted by the UCLA Ackerman Union, the UBS (Undergraduate Business Society) Jobs & Internships Fair gives business owners the opportunity to present their vacancies to the public.

A wide variety of industries are presented including HR, marketing, operations, communications, sales and accounting.  More than 500 people come every year and all UCLA students are welcome.

As well as presenting opportunities, this event is a networking event for students and business owners.  Some of the student organizations that have attended in the past include: Alpha Kappa Psi, Bruin Advertising Team, Campus Events Commission (CEC) and Sigma Eta Pi.

Employment News

shared workspace

Employment, investment and office constructions are in fluctuation in LA.  Here we look at three new such developments connected to Homeland Security, Lyft and Toolbox LA

In an attempt to bolster hiring operations and diminish unauthorized employment, Homeland Security Investigations program has hired DFS Group and Contemporary Services Corporation.  Undocumented workers are problematic for the vulnerabilities they result in with the marketplace today.  False documentation is used to get benefits not due to them and even steal the identifies of legal US workers.  To combat this, ICE initiated the IMAGE program in 2006.

DFS has signed the ICE Mutual Agreement between Government and Employers program.  The idea would be to divulge any vulnerabilities that unauthorized workers could exploit; join employment eligibility verification program E-verify; training staff on IMAGE Best Employment Practices and take on an ICE Form I-9 audit. According to Human Resource Director of Corporate Compliance at CSC Jim Lenoue:

“The IMAGE Program squarely hits on what our company is about. As a company that provides security services at major gatherings, our customers place their trust on our team and our services. Being an IMAGE partner promotes our company’s reputation and its resolve to maintain integrity in our hiring practices.”

The fact that CSC and DFS have committed to IMAGE leads to the greater likelihood of creating and maintaining an “authorized workforce.”

Lyft is making investments in places such as LA.  A staggering $50 million is being infused into cities in which it operates and local transportation initiatives will be supported by this injection of money through the Bridge Home program (which works in conjunction with Greater LA YWCA, PATH and The People Concern).  Lyft City Works is the resulting program which is indicative of Lyft’s “long-term commitment” supporting cities with the best transport solutions.

While WeWork seems to be taking over everywhere, LA  has its own little gem.  Toolbox LA – in San Fernando Valley – is a co-working space with a difference.  Its “innovation hub includes coworking, shared desk space, dedicated desks, private offices, event space, a makerspace, hardware accelerator Make In LA, and biotech lab for startups Lab Launch.”  But it is more than that as it breeds on ecosystem operation with a goal of becoming a “comprehensive, self-sustaining community focused on high-concept hardware and software companies.”

So with the potential of LA moving into sustainability, creating  more authorized employment and making some serious investments in transportation systems, there is much positive change happening in the LA business world right now.

LA Jobs

New jobs

Any efforts made to facilitate the process of getting a job is appreciated.  In LA, they are no stranger to organizations and individuals trying to help people become gainfully employed.  One way of doing this is through students and as such, the LA Southwest College recently hosted an employment fair.  The event – held on 31 January – was focused on those looking for work in homeless services and related industries and attracted around 60 bosses with approximately 1,200 open positions in the field. 

With over 700 job seekers attending the fair, Dr. Seher Awan, President of the college said:

“Los Angeles Southwest College is honored to play its part in helping these all-important agencies find the critical resources and support they need to aid our homeless community. I’m truly appreciative of all of the work being done by Mayor Garcetti’s Office as well as city and county agencies to lead this effort and look forward to being their partners for years to come or until the homelessness crisis in our communities is fully addressed.” 

In addition, looking overall at the job market for California, we find good news.  According to figures from the California Employment Development Departmentfor December 2018, there were 24,500 net new jobs and an expansion of 1.7% in year-over-year payrolls by 284,300.

Legalization of Street Vendors!

In a unanimous council victory of13-0, Los Angeles’ street vendors have been legalized. One of the“micro-entrepreneurs” (a term coined by Curren Price Jr. – one of the members of the City Council Chambers), Andres Garcia explained:

“For us, it’s very important. “If someone complains, the police, they could come in and take everything from us.Make us throw all our stuff away and we lose all our money for that day.”

The next step however, is to figure out the permit system and it is crucial that permit costs are not too cumbersome.Other details still have to be ironed out but these will be undertaken with the participation of various advocacy groups including the Leaders of the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign.

California: An “Economic Powerhouse”

It was a recent article in The New York Times by Tim Arango, Adam Nagourney and Natalie Kitroeff that sung the praises of California’s economic surge.  They began their article by describing California as having:

“the highest concentration of billionaires in the country. It exports more computers than any other state. It is the nation’s largest producer of agriculture products by far: More than $6 billion in dairy products alone last year.”

They referred to California as “an economic powerhouse — now the fifth largest economy in the world after surpassing the United Kingdom in total output this year.”

But their concern is of Jerry Brown’s uncontested successor – Gavin Newsom – and how he will “navigate California through challenging fiscal times could be critical to assuring both the state’s continuing economic durability and its outsize contribution to national prosperity.”

Founding Partner of Beacon Economics, Christopher Thornberg believes that California is reflective of the economy as a whole.  He said:

 “So goes California, so goes the U.S.. It is far and away a dominant source of job growth in the U.S.”

And that’s good because a recent LA Times article noted how employment rates in California are positive too, with an additional 44,80 net jobs and a low of 4.2% in unemployment.  There was an increase in wages but that was  not “enough to top the increase in consumer prices.”

And as SS Economics President said: “California’s economy continues to sizzle.”

LA Wage Increases

Employees in LA in certain industries are looking at wage increases.  One example is starting lawyers at Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy in Century City who will see an extra $10,000 per annum in their pay packets from next month.  This kind of increase is always welcome but especially now for the firm’s associates who have not encountered any increase in the last two years. For those who have worked at Milbank Tweed Hadley & McCloy for more than four years, the increase will be $15,000. This  move – globally increasing salaries this way – is unprecedented for a major law firm.

This trend needs to be more widespread though, especially when looking at a large majority of huge corporations that are not respectfully paying their employees a “living wage.”  Recently Sen. Bernie Sanders spoke out against this at a rally attended by many Disneyland Resort workers.  He said:

“The struggle that you are waging here in Anaheim is not just for you. It is a struggle for millions of workers all across this country who are sick and tired of working longer hours for lower wages.”

At least Target Corporation seems to be getting on board with its second increase in less than 6 months in its minimum wage to $12

Working with Baby?

What would people’s finances look like if they could bring their newborns to work?  How would this impact their quality of life and family dynamics?  These questions may soon be answered if the recent proposal by lawmakers in California of bringing newborns to state offices to work is approved.  With Assemblyman Randy Voepel’s Assembly Bill 2481 – that has already gained bipartisan support – people would be able to stop worrying at the office about their kids’ wellbeing!

Women have complained for years that they stay at home simply because it just doesn’t pay for them to get childcare while they are out at work.  If ultimately little or no money is made after childcare costs, women decide to stay home with their children.  If it is accepted, it would be for babies between 6 weeks and 6 months.

This is not the first state to do this.  a similar program has been at work in various state offices in Arizona and Washington, primarily with workers with flexible desk jobs. In addition to it being good for the parent, the babies actually get sick less often.

Living and Working in LA: The Numbers

While LA is renowned for high housing rental prices, the March 2018 LA Rent Report showed that thankfully there has been little increase in pricing since December of 2017. While of course prices are still high, the good news is that they are not getting even higher. Still, making housing more affordable has to be a priority for state officials.

How do the locals feel about life in California?  When looking at community life, personal relationships and physical attributes, it seems that California ranked very well.  On the Gallup’s Quality of Life 2017 poll, California came in at Number 14.

Workplace safety is improving in California too.  US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a drop in work-related fatalities from 2016 and anyway the state was the fourth lowest in the nation between 2015 and 2016.  There was a drop in non-fatal injuries too.