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RAS Comes to LA

Remote Access Service (RAS) has been utilized a lot more in recent years.  It is a way of facilitating and supervising of all network-connected devices; to easily troubleshoot; simplifying file access through connected networks and devices; delineating folder access for different user categories and through all of this, supporting business growth and development and more.

Since the start of the pandemic, remote working has become increasingly standardized. RAS users are being empowered to remotely access computers anywhere in the world and for office work evolution today, this is crucial.

The use of RAS is extremely widespread in LA today. One example being the InfoTech Services Group Inc. of Los Angeles which is providing this service for organizations and individuals throughout the LA and Venice communities. This includes the supervision, overseeing, management and more of computer networks. Those who use the service have encountered greater productivity from staff members working at home, enhanced cybersecurity, a reduction in overhead costs and more.

Another company providing this service is Remote Desktop. This IDrive remote access solution lets users access their computers and servers through Android, iOS, PC and Mac no matter where they are geographically located. 

Co-founder of Workr Beeing (a form that focuses on workplace wellness) Patricia Grabarek said:

“Research shows that a lot of employees can be way more productive when they are home. They are able to focus in and create an environment that is conducive to how they like to work. And research for decades has shown that if we allow employees to have autonomy over how they do their work, and flexibility in their schedules, they are much more likely to be happy in their jobs.”

This is exactly where RAS has been helping.