Encouragement of Local Female Entrepreneurs

It was recently announced by the Mayor that November 19th will from now on become a day each year to officially recognize and commend female entrepreneurs.  Women’s Entrepreneurship Day was held last month for the first time…and will now be held annually. 

The topic of this year’s event was “Together we Rise,” and women were invited by Mayor Garcetti’s Office of Economic Development to celebrate the female business owners who have had a huge impact on the LA community, economy and quality of life.  as such, women came and were inspired, encouraged and empowered, despite the tremendous obstacles they have had to overcome in reaching their success.

At the day event, female entrepreneurs – those just starting out and also those who have already enjoyed some success – spoke to the audience while others held workshops while networking with both officials and locals.

some of the attendees included representatives from Wok Star Inc., Martin & Martin, Special Needs Network, Unique Markets, Avenida Productions, NorthStar Moving Company, STartUpDTLA, and more. 

In addition, there were industry experts like coaches, authors, negotiation specialists, EI experts and financial advisors.

another company jumped on the bandwagon, using the day’s opportunity to promote the success of their own women.  Three designer bags were created by Stacy’s Pita Chips and are being sold Kroger stores in honor of this day celebrating women entrepreneurs.  On the bags are designs made by women that represent the ‘ six stages of a female entrepreneur’s journey.’ Stacy’s created a competition for the designer that would be used and the winners (Alexander Bowman, Jade Purple Brown and Nomoco) of that was announced in march – Women’s History Month. Bowman is an LA designer; Brown from New York and Nomoco is Japanese born but trained in London.

as well as promoting and encouraging the female entrepreneur, the bags commemorate Stacy’s Pita Chips first ever Rise Program – set up to support and fund women-owned businesses.

This is an important cause for Stacy’s Pita Chips given the misrepresentation of funding for female entrepreneurs.  One example of this is the fact that women own approximately 40% of businesses but are only privy to around 2 percent of private equity funding.  Stacy’s VP of Marketing, Ciara  Dilley said:

“We believe the economic empowerment of women is the single most powerful contribution we can make to advancing female equality.”

Hopefully November 19th in the future in LA will work toward facilitating this goal.