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New jobs

Any efforts made to facilitate the process of getting a job is appreciated.  In LA, they are no stranger to organizations and individuals trying to help people become gainfully employed.  One way of doing this is through students and as such, the LA Southwest College recently hosted an employment fair.  The event – held on 31 January – was focused on those looking for work in homeless services and related industries and attracted around 60 bosses with approximately 1,200 open positions in the field. 

With over 700 job seekers attending the fair, Dr. Seher Awan, President of the college said:

“Los Angeles Southwest College is honored to play its part in helping these all-important agencies find the critical resources and support they need to aid our homeless community. I’m truly appreciative of all of the work being done by Mayor Garcetti’s Office as well as city and county agencies to lead this effort and look forward to being their partners for years to come or until the homelessness crisis in our communities is fully addressed.” 

In addition, looking overall at the job market for California, we find good news.  According to figures from the California Employment Development Departmentfor December 2018, there were 24,500 net new jobs and an expansion of 1.7% in year-over-year payrolls by 284,300.