LA: Sourcing Water Locally?

More than a hundred years ago, William Mulholland was responsible for the construction of the infrastructure which provided water supply allowing LA to become one of the world’s largest cities.  Today, LA Mayor Eric Garcetti believes his city could be witnessing a “second Mulholland moment.”

This “second Mullholland” effort began a few years ago. Back in 2015, a goal was set: to reduce imported water by 50 percent within the next decade.  Further, by 2035 the goal is to locally produce at least half of the city’s water supply.

How realistic is this though?  According to Liz Carson, Director of Infrastructure at the Mayor’s Office, very.  She said: “When we set that 50 percent goal we knew it was ambitious, but we also really feel like it’s achievable.”

Indeed, the LA Sustainable Water Project: LA City Wide Overview believes the city has even more potential in this regard.