LA: The Housing Crisis

For years Los Angeles has faced a crisis of an inordinate amount of homeless individuals.  Many solutions have been proposed and executed over the years but still the problem remains.  Here we take a look at some of the latest news on this subject.

In 2018 21,631 homeless individuals were housed.  The amount of tax dollars used on this (millions) was 23 percent more than in the year before.  Still, this accounted for a doubling of the amount of individuals housed in 2014.

The question therefore remains though, why are there still so many people living on the streets, in vehicles and shelters of LA?  In 2018 the homeless figure increased 12 percent, rendering 59,000 LA county individuals homeless.

A new proposal by the LA City Council has just been voted in which could make matters a whole lot worse.  A prohibition against sleeping in vehicles in many parts of LA is to be put in place.  The rules make it clear that individuals will not be allowed to spend the night in their cars on residential streets or make their vehicles their homes “within a block of a park, school, preschool or day care facility.”

This ruling has angered many local activists who argued at the City Hall that such a measure was “counterproductive” to the 9,500+ individuals currently making their homes in this way.