Los Angeles River

There have been issues for a while now at the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles River.  As such, there has been a call by city officials on creating a change in how the area is monitored.  The situation is so bad that, according to co-founder of LA River Walkers and Watchers, Evelyn Aleman:

“Our community members are afraid to use the bike path, also afraid to use local businesses because the crime we are seeing is spilling into local communities affecting everyone,”

As such, Bob Blumenfield who is a member of the LA City council recently proposed a motion for a pilot program that would render one organization to be in charge of patrolling the area.  He believes that putting the Mountains Recreation and Conservation Authority in this position is “the perfect entity [for the job given that] they are a park agency.”  He went on to explain:

“They know about water quality, park issues and interest in creating vibrant parks and the rangers unlike most other rangers are peace officers.”

The hope is that the motion will be heard by the end of 2019 by the city council and that if approved, a few months later it will be implemented.