How LA’s Wealthy Chill

With a job as stressful as being a surgeon, it’s no wonder some of LA’s top doctors need an outlet. And that is exactly what four of them are getting as they rock out in the evenings.

It sounds like the start of a joke, but three LA plastic surgeons – Robert Kang, Phuong Nguyen and Jason Roostaeian, and oral surgeon Solomon Poyourow – after a long shift doing surgery get together to jam in their band – Help the Doctor that they launched back in 2011. Already boasting one album – Angeles – that can be found on Spotify and iTunes, this group of surgeons finds jamming together to be a great release after a long day. They met during their Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center residencies, started jamming together and “kind of clicked.” They first performed at West Hollywood’s Troubadour and the rest as they say is history.

Of course if rocking out isn’t quite your thing, there’s always In-Trinity – the “euphoric new workout from the inventor of Spinning.” Jonathan “Johnny G” Goldberg developed this workout which is something completely different as it combines all-body stretching, strengthening and balancing exercises that are done sitting down, lying down, leaning or standing on an hourglass-shaped slant board. And if that isn’t relaxing enough, while you’re dong this, New Age, or other mellow music is playing in the background, “flecked with sounds of gurgling brooks, cackling dolphins and birds in flight.” Classes are currently taught at LA’s LifeFit Center, at Cal State Long Beach campus.