Living and Working in LA: The Numbers

While LA is renowned for high housing rental prices, the March 2018 LA Rent Report showed that thankfully there has been little increase in pricing since December of 2017. While of course prices are still high, the good news is that they are not getting even higher. Still, making housing more affordable has to be a priority for state officials.

How do the locals feel about life in California?  When looking at community life, personal relationships and physical attributes, it seems that California ranked very well.  On the Gallup’s Quality of Life 2017 poll, California came in at Number 14.

Workplace safety is improving in California too.  US Bureau of Labor Statistics showed a drop in work-related fatalities from 2016 and anyway the state was the fourth lowest in the nation between 2015 and 2016.  There was a drop in non-fatal injuries too.