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Check Out Parachute

beddingParachute – the direct-to-consumer bedding and home goods startup is attempting to give its customers the opportunity to try out the products before purchasing.  Its high quality goods are manufactured in Italy and sold both online and in its showroom in Venice, California.

Although the firm was launched two years ago, it now has a new hotel 2,200 square foot penthouse hotel.  At this venue, customers are able to try out the sheets. This is because the towels, bedding, mattress pads and more are all used for the customers in the hotel.  Then, if they like what they are using, they have the opportunity to purchase the stuff afterwards.

According to Ariel Kaye the firm’s CEO and founder, they are doing this to provide “an opportunity for our community to engage with Parachute in a new and exciting way. We wanted to create a space that would feel comfortable not only for a group of thirty, but also for a couple looking to relax on vacation and to experience Venice like locals.”