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Getting Ready for Corona-Safe Christmas

Just because there is Corona and the situation (especially locally) seems to be worsening, does not mean that Christmas has to be canceled.  On the contrary it is possibly a great opportunity to actually hunker down and do Christmas the old fashioned way…in your own familial setting, with everyone in pjs, no-one going out and no outsiders entering your COVID-protected “bubble.”

But before that day, what about the essential Christmas shopping?  Thankfully – keeping corona-safe – there is the online shopping but what about something different, getting out there (in a socially-distanced, mask-wearing capacity) and trying to bolster local businesses with your trade?

A lot of these local markets have already closed their stalls but if you rush you can still get to a couple of them. The last day of De Buena Planta Holiday Market is today.  Created by the founder of the Butcher’s Daughter this market focuses on organic margaritas, Mexican food and fine mezcals. Using  locally-sourced fresh produce to make these dishes, some of the items on the menu include: Grilled Cauliflower Tacos, Vegan Pozole and Pineapple Habanero Mezcalita.

Now doesn’t that sound more interesting to give as a gift than a tie you have no occasion to wear or some bath salts?  Shop local this Christmas and enjoy a safe holiday at home!