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Escalating Employment in LA

boeingLA will be getting more jobs thanks to Boeing.  The multinational transport corporation is currently working toward an increase in job creation in the area through its Defense, Space & Security businesses in both LA and Alabama.    It is anticipated that consumer products companies will bolster their advertising efforts for these jobs.

According to a report released at the end of last month, an additional 475,000 have been added to Los Angeles County since the depths of the Great Recession with a further 334,200 expected by 2020. While they will not be the most high-paying positions, the good news is that very little education will be required for these positions.  In fact, not even a high school diploma (or, perhaps more important, any work experience) will be required.  This accounts for more than a third of the jobs.

Then, another third of the jobs will be good for those with a high school diploma (or equivalent) and the remaining third will be good for graduates who have a BA (10.5 percent), Associate degree (4.5 percent) and high school plus education (5.6 percent).

Emerging industries in the region seem to be biosciences along with advanced transportation and fuels.