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Arts District

In this video we see some of the developments taking place in Downtown Los Angeles (the area that spans Alameda Street, Little Tokyo, First Street, LA River, Violet Street). 

Currently: “Network pioneers are attempting to make balance in the midst of the monetary issues achieved by improvement and the need to safeguard the character of the Arts District as an innovative network that has made commitments to the social and financial prosperity of the city for a considerable length of time.” 

Los Angeles Cyclists

Bicycle path

Over $40 million in state funding has been earmarked for the creation of new bicycle and pedestrian groundwork.  The work will be carried in both South LA and the San Fernando Valley. $18.8 million of the funding will create three miles of paths for cyclists and walkers alongside the LA River, beginning at Reseda’s Vanalden Avenue to Burbank Boulevard.

According to Bob Blumenfield, a member of the LA council, these grants will go a long way toward transforming the river into: “an amazing linear park that all Angelenos can enjoy.” The ultimate goal is to create a biking path along all 51 miles of the river, stretching from Canoga Park to Long Beach.   Another council member, Marqueece Harris-Dawson referred to it as the: “largest known public investment in this neighborhood in generations.”

The other goal– known as Twenty-Eight By `28 Project – is the completion of 28 major transportation enterprises before the Olympics of 2028 to be held in LA.  Alongside the pedestrian/cycling paths, wheelchair/stroller access will improve with new ADA access ramps; urban shade will be added along the corridor and more.  As Harris Dawson explained:

“We are glad to see South Los Angeles getting the investment it deserves. This may be the largest known public investment in this neighborhood in generations. We are committed to making up for lost time. The project will transform this community into a safe and vibrant part of Los Angeles, while also improving mobility, creating a cleaner environment, and increasing access to transportation and jobs.”

LA River: Revitalization

In this video we learn from 7 different locally-based architecture firms how they would “reinvigorate” the LA River should they receive the bid for the Los Angeles River Revitalization Project. In an attempt to transform the dreary area into one featuring active play areas, kayaking opportunities, cycle paths and more, each architecture firm were given a mile-long stretch along the Downtown area’s waterway as a “test.”