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Journalistic Juggles: Transformations at the Times

There have been a few shake-ups and changes in journalism in LA recently, in particularly at the Los Angeles Times.  First, there was the announcement of the new editor-in-chief and second, the unprecedented (and somewhat dramatic) decision to unionize.

Replacing Lewis D’Vorkin at the helm, a man with a slew of journalistic experience will take over as editor-in-chief at the Los Angeles Times.  With a resume including managing editor at the Chicago News Cooperative, Chief of Editorial Operations at Crain’s Chicago Business, as well as editor-in-chief (and publisher) at the Chicago Sun-Times, Kirk’s most recent position was working until now at the Times’ parent company, Tronc. With D’Vorkin moving over to another position at the paper, this is just one of a variety of major changes in recent times, including Ross Levinsohn’s unpaid leave following “inappropriate behavior” allegations. Still, Kirk is hoping to tell “the newsroom… that we will be working together as one team starting tomorrow to do the best work we can.”

In 136 years no editorial employee at the Los Angeles Times has joined a union.  That is about to change with the vote in favor of joining a union; 248 (in favor) to 44 (against) according to National Labor Relations Board. Works will be represented by the Washington-based NewsGuild-Communications Workers of America.