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Annual Inaugural Awards

The 133rd Annual Inaugural Awards recently took place. This year the theme was “Together for Tomorrow,” and was hosted by the Los Angeles Area Chamber of Commerce.  The goal in this year’s theme is the hope for the world’s economic recovery in 2021.  As well,   President of Business Banking at Bank of America and Market President for Greater Los Angeles  Raul A. Anaya, will begin his new role as 2021 Chamber Board Chairperson. According to CEO and President of the LA Area Chamber, Maria S. Salinas:

“The last year has been difficult on many levels. Not only did the pandemic disrupt business and decimate small businesses, but it also shed light on the deep inequities in our communities of color. This annual awards program is an opportunity to focus on the critical work in the coming year for recovery and to celebrate those whose work inspire us. Our event theme, Together for Tomorrow, is a signal of hope, we still believe that together, our region can create a better tomorrow.”

The awards included: Corporate Leadership Award which was given to Ralphs supermarket chain with respect to its Zero Hunger Zero Waste Program during the pandemic. The Civic Medal of Honor to Constance L. Rice for advancing democracy and her work as a civil rights activist. Beacon of Light Award to LA Dodgers and LA Lakers  for their championship roles both on and off the field.

Meanwhile, the Los Angeles Business Journal selected Brien R. Kelly and Enrique A. Monagas as Minority Leaders of Influence: Attorneys in Los Angeles.  Josh Schimmels explained that these individuals are: “particularly impactful on the legal scene, while serving as trusted advisors, along with maintaining the highest professional and ethical standards. Brien and Enrique are exceptionally skilled attorneys and they have repeatedly demonstrated their ability to deliver the firm’s clients with the highest level of strategy and service.”

Downtown LA: The New Place to Be

We have seen already in the last few years – and increasingly over the last few months too – the rise in popularity of DTLA.  There is so much construction going on in the area, while at the same time, there are a ton of extra people moving in.  as such, the area is becoming quite the hub for technical companies which are moving headquarters to the area. There are more offices being leased and rent growth has increased.  With all this, there is a lot more developed planned for the near future.

So why the popularity?  Is it sudden?  What’s the story?  Some people in the commercial real estate industry are actually tracing it back to a new addition that occurred around 10 years ago – the opening of Ralphs Grocery Store on Ninth Street.  According to Peter Johnson, OUE Limited Senior Vice President of Leasing said that Ralphs was needed as there was “residential growing [but a severe lack of places] to go shopping.”  Ralphs seemed to be the answer – a store that really was able to “promote downtown residential life.”

Construction work is set to begin later this year on Frank Gehry’s renderings of ‘The Grand.’  This is to be a ‘mixed use development’ featuring dining, entertaining, hotel, residential and retail components.  A public plaza will offer five levels of parking.