Enhancing LA

There have been some moves to alter some of the infrastructure in LA.  The question is, are these ultimately going to beneficial?  The reason this question is posed is due to the recently  CoolSeal project.  This substance is being painted on many streets in LA as a way of potentially “cooling the city down and fighting global warming effects.”

With a $40,000 price for LA taxpayers per mile (LA having 6,500 miles of road), one really has to look at if this is a good idea even if not all of the roads are painted.  In addition, the effects only last 7 years so the process must be repeated at this time.  Still, if it does decrease the Urban Heat Island (UHI) effect, then it might be worth it…

Two new laws were recently approved by the LA City Council which would help homeless issues.  One is that projects intended for homeless will be able to avoid the oft-difficult City Hall process that delays matters.  Parking requirements would also be eliminated and “permanent supportive housing” projects would be built higher/more solid than otherwise permitted.  This would result in an additional 200 units of homeless housing annually with government funds.  According to proponents of the homeless this will sustain around 200 extra units of homeless housing every year with government funds.