LA: Building Closures

Two major buildings are set to close in the LA region in the coming months.  first, Pacific Alliance Medical Center, (LA’s oldest hospital – that opened before the Civil War) will close next month and second, the Macy’s Inc. branch in Westside mall, West L.A (next year).

Some of the impacts of the hospital closure will be as follows:  640 workers will lose their jobs at 531 and 711 W. College Street and North Hill Street.  But there was little choice since the PAMC does not own the land and the owner will not sell. Given that the building does not meet the California seismic standards, it is thus “not economically viable” for the PAMC to invest close to $100 million to build a hospital on land they will not own.

Vis-à-vis Macy’s, this comes as part of a plan to close around 100 of its stores nationwide, the second of which has been in LA. The closure will take place at the end of the lease, which is at the end of March 2018.  This is after more than five decades of the store being there.